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My stats: Male, early 20’s, 5’10”
Starting stats: Bodyweight: 215 Bench: 170×3 OHP: 130×5 Squat: 275×3 Dead: 335×3
Ending stats: Bodyweight: 209 Bench: 230×3 OHP: 140×5 Squat: 350×3 Dead: 420×2 

Goal of running the program: My goal for this program was to continue improving my performance in the big 3 lifts and dabble in the hypertrophy range a little bit. I wanted to focus mostly on bringing my bench up as it is my weakest lift, but I also wanted to hit a 315 squat and 405 deadlift by the end of 2014.

Rep Set & Scheme: Here is a link to the program. It consists of 4 separate workouts – upper power, lower power, upper hypertrophy, and lower hypertrophy. The main movements were in the 3-5 rep range (I stuck closer to 3) and 8-15 on hypertrophy days.

Progression wasn’t really outlined in the program, so what I did for most exercises was pick a weight and start at the lowest amount of reps per set. Every workout, I would try to add at least 1 rep to a set. After I hit the upper limit of the rep range specified, I would up the weight and start the process over again. For example, if an exercise’s rep range was 3×1-3, I would do the following:

• 1 1 1
• 2 1 1
• 2 2 1
• 2 2 2
• 3 2 2
• 3 3 2
• 3 3 3
• 1 1 1 

Diet: Initially, I was really focused on adding strength and size and was eating around a 300 cal. surplus. I hit 225 and was feeling fat so I have been cutting my calories back and have been losing 1 lb/week. Diet is IIFYM, but I’ve always gravitated towards the “bro” foods so a lot of the times I’m eating chicken breasts and rice. Current macros are 190p/70f/285c at around 2500 calories.

• 5g creatine monohydrate daily
• Fish oil
• 2000 IU Vitamin D
• Multivitamin
• Protein shakes to fill in gaps in my macros

Program review: In the beginning, I ran the program exactly how it was written, but eventually I started to modify it to include exercises that gave me the best results. The version when I finished was as follows.

• Upper power – Bench 3×3, incline DB bench 3×8-10, pendlay rows 3×3-5, lat pulldowns 3×8-12, OHP 2×5, curls 3×8-10, skullcrushers 3×8-10
• Lower power – Squat 3×3, deadlift 3×3, leg press 4×8-12, leg curl 4×8-12, seated calf press 4×12, ab wheel rollouts 3×8
• Upper hypertrophy – Dips 4×12, pec flyes 4×8-12, cable rows 3×8-12, DB rows 3×8-12, lateral raises 3×8-12, DB shrugs 3×12, incline DB curls 3×8-12, cable tricep pushdowns 3×12
• Lower hypertrophy – Front squats 3×8-12, stiff legged deadlift 3×8, leg extensions 4×10-15, leg curl 4×12, calf raise 3×12, calf press 4×12 

Occasionally, I’ll do some light cardio but nothing major. I foam roll 2-3 times a week and stretch daily. I have a little bit of an issue with APT and hip mobility as I work at a desk for 8+ hours a day, but I am addressing those issues. I used the final week of the program as a deload weak since I never took one as recovery is not much of an issue for me. I don’t really have fuckarounditis, but towards the end of the program I was getting really bored and not seeing much progress, especially in my bench, so I became increasingly demotivated.

I feel this program allows for a lot of customization, so if an exercise just doesn’t work for you, change it! I hate barbell lunges, so I swapped them for SLDL and immediately enjoyed the workout more.

Program Results: I am overall pretty happy with my results. I have definitely noticed a gain in muscle mass, but I’m curious to see what I look like at my goal weight of 190. I’m mostly interested in strength, so adding ~220 to my total in 6 months is awesome, but I think I may still be wrapping up my noob gains.
As I’ve mentioned, my main area of concern is my bench press. Though I’ve made great progress, I have been stalled around 225 for some time now so I plan to focus harder on it over the winter.
This is a great program for someone with a solid strength base who wants to focus mainly on aesthetics but doesn’t want to totally give up strength training. This is an early intermediate program and I ran it after SS with no issues.

What I would change or do differently: I picked PHUL as my second program because I wanted some variety in my training and this program definitely provided that, but it seems like there were a lot of total exercises with very little time spent on each movement. Something I think I would have benefited from would be more volume on the big 3 lifts. Rather than only working on 3×3 at 90%, I would incorporate more volume around 65%-70% and some variations of the main lifts (close grip bench, deficit deads, etc.).

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My grandfather is in his late 70’s and in overall good health. He had a few medical issues, none of which are still presenting symptoms. He has lost a lot of his strength the past couple years and I am hoping to help him regain some strength and mobility. Any suggestions where to turn? I was thinking restance bands and very light cardio. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am realistic in my expectations, I don’t expect him to be running marathons but I would like to be able to help him enjoy his remaining years able to get out of his damn chair and get around with dignity. Any ideas? Thank you all.

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