If you are a paleo, do you never drink any beer? What do you drink besides water? via /r/Paleo

I have been reading this paleo subreddit a bit and it is amazing how strict and picky you are about sticking to only paleo.. do you really never drink any alcohol in your whole life since you become paleo? Because if you make exception for alcohol then you might as well make exception for many other things.

I am just thinking about going paleo too but I can’t do without the occasional drinking night because how can you have friends if you never drink alcohol? Or go to these special dinners and parties where everyone has at least a couple glasses red wine, maybe some liquor/whiskey post-dinner etc, you will not belong there if you just drink water.. and can not go to any parties that don’t have paleo food.. the host who’s probably not paleo cause there is so few paleo people in this world, i personally never witnessed one.. you would have to tell the person when you get the invite that you can’t eat anythign else than paleo and have to explain what that is and then at the dinner you will likely have to explain to everyone what paleo is cause they probably find it weird etc. What do you drink on just a regular day? Juice is not paleo right cause that’s super high sugar injection? So it’s just water? Can you not drink something for enjoyment?

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675×2, 705×1 @210 via /r/Fitness

I am the Smaller guy in the video. The bigger guy is my training partner. So with my deadlift training I finally feel strong and I feel like my form is getting on point. I used to yank the bar too much and now I finally feel like everything is tight. After my last meet in July my progress was minimal and now I think I have finally found out what works. Since I am so far out from my next meet, I think what I will try and do is one week pull (speed) work, then the next week, pull heavy doubles or triples. The set range will change however. So last week we pulled 500 8×2 tandem style with 3 people. So one person went, then the other, then the other, then right back to the first person. That left us fresh for squats on saturday and fresh for pulls this week. Next week I may try beltless speed work with 500 which will be an improvement. then the week after try to improve on my doubles. So maybe 685×2. Or maybe try 675×3. It all depends on how I feel on those days. If this were closer to a meet I would be pulling heavier more often. Like my training partner who is shown in the video, is 6 weeks out of his first 275lb meet. So the majority of his deadlift training will be heavy with only about 1 speedy day in there. then a week out he will pull openers and thats it. Then a week off and he should pull around 750, which I what I hope to pull in 19weeks at my meet in March. http://ift.tt/1FIDMaI

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