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Hey all, I’ve been Paleo for about the past twelve months and have seen a lot of improvement with my IBS from following the diet (the only thing that has really helped). Recently I’ve taken up Crossfit (heavy exercise also does wonders in settling my stomach down ), but I’m finding that I’m just always exhausted now and am feeling empty. I am also craving carbs and sugar again which I haven’t for a long time now. I’ve tried increasing my fat and protein intake, and also increasing my carb (bananas/sweet potato) intake. Problem is, as I increase the carbs, my stomach issues are returning. Another problem is, I also can’t tolerate a lot of vegetables, 6-7 serves a day is about my max. I also follow a low Fodmaps protocol, so a lot of the usually vegetables are out.

So I am thinking of consulting a dietitian to get some advice, but I can’t seem to find one who is experienced with the Paleo diet. I am based in Brisbane, but I am hoping dietitians in other states might be willing to do Skype consultations. Just wondering if anyone could recommend anyone?

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Hey there /r/fitness

I work out pretty often roughly 5 -6 times a week. I really have no set routine because I travel for my job. Most of the time I’ll either do dumbbell work outs or body weight workout. I’m not entirely sure if my chest should be as big as it is for my body size. Im just looking for a little bit of feedback.

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