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I have a few lesser-known sources of cheap protein that I would like to share.

Explore Asian Bean Pastas: This pasta is cheap, filling, cooks quickly, and has 25 grams of protein per 180 calories. I find the soybean flavor is closest to wheat pasta, but I like all the ones I’ve tried so far. You can get it from amazon or other online stores. Cheapest I’ve seen is about $9 for a 2lb box at Costco. $9 for 400g of protein.

Nuttlettes Cereal: This is pretty much soy protein in cereal form. 25 grams of protein in 140 calories. Pretty bland tasting, but I like it with milk. If you eat plain oatmeal, you should have no problem with this. Cheapest I’ve found is Netrition, $4.29 gets you 175 grams of protein, even cheaper if you order a 10lb bag.

Peanut Flour: I like to use this along with milk, egg, and cottage cheese to make protein pancakes. Perhaps some more culinarily talented folks can come up with other uses. 16 grams of protein in 110 calories. $11 gets you 480 grams of protein if you get a 2lb bag.

Minced Asian Carp Looking for a cheap animal to eat? Why not try an invasive species? Asian carp is cheap ($1.50 a pound) and a great source of Omega 3. Unfortunately the only people who can take advantage of this one are people who live near Fulton, IL. You can have it overnight shipped, but that sort of negates the savings you would get. I haven’t been able to try this myself and I don’t know the nutrition on it, but I thought I’d put the word out for those who live nearby. I think there are a few grocery stores in Chicago that carry Asian Carp as well.

What about you fittit? Got any lesser-known cheap protein sources to share?

Also I apologize in advance to non-US users who can’t take advantage of a lot of these.

EDIT: Adding More

Lentils. The nutrition values on lentils seem to differ a bit, but according to the label for Great Value lentils, they’re 10 grams of protein in 80 calories, 13 servings in a pound. A pound bag costs like $1.06 here (at Walmart).

Proto Pasta 30 grams of protein in 170 calories. Smells a little weird and takes a while to cook, but a good source nonetheless. $5 for 180 grams of protein

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