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So I’ve recently started the paleo lifestyle change (again). To be honest what really sealed the deal for me trying this change was the fact that there’s a paleo take-out place near my house. They make fresh food every 1/2 hour because of how busy it is. Anyway, she offers this program where she cooks 5 days worth of meals and snacks. It’s a bit pricy but worth it to start off (at least for myself). LOTS of variety, which is always a plus. I had tried paleo in the past but failed miserably because I was disorganized, didn’t prep properly and made boring meals on a daily basis. The plan is to use the pre-made meals then go to some of her cooking classes (I’m a terrible cook, nor am I creative).

Sorry for rambling, just wanted to say a quick hi…so hi! :)

Also, while browsing the sub, I was trying to find more ladies who have had success with weight loss on Paleo. Anyone care to share their experiences?

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My “quantified self” experiment to test the effectiveness of paleo via /r/Paleo

I’m a fan of the paleo diet, especially the keto version. I used it successfully half a year ago to get rid of my Freshman 15 (well, more like College 25), going down from 185 to the near optimal (for my height of 5”10) 160.

However, for a variety of reasons – most of them related to sheer laziness, I am sorry to say – I gave up on it and now slightly more than half a year on I am now once again close to my “base” 185 (i.e. when not going out of one’s way to eat poorly, but not controlling carbs either).

So I will be going on the mostly-keto paleo diet again, but knowing with 100% certainly that it works, I’m now also going to take the opportunity to collect scientific data for the benefit of the public, namely, daily recordings of:

1) Weight, BMI, heart rate, heart rate, and body fat % via an advanced set of scales (only on mornings for consistency);

2) Blood pressure (only mornings again);

3) Blood glucose levels via a blood glucose monitor (only mornings again).

4) Distance walked (via Moves app) and distance walked, steps climbed, sleep length and quality (via Fitbit One);

I expect to see improvements in 1-3.

4 is obviously an independent variable, but it will be interesting to conduct statistical tests on it to see what kind of relative effect it has.

This experiment starts on Monday. I will update with data/results in maybe 3 months or so.

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HELP ME: UTI and Paleo via /r/Paleo

Ok , I am a 40 year old male. I suffer UTI like crazy. I have had a UTI for 16 mths. straight. I am sick of the antibiotics and my body is torn to shreds by them. My joints are in so much pain I am so desperate that suicide has come into my thoughts.

Flomax has not helped (I get them due to “urinary retention” due to BPH (my prostate is 36 CC). I gained 60 pounds due to inactivity. I am now very obese.

I eat very healthy (lots of fruits, veggies and low fat protein) but no improvement and still fat as heck.

My questions are these:

1) Has Paleo helped people with UTI 2) Will the meat make my prostate grow more 3) Will cocunut oil help the bacterial situation?

Any help is appreciated I am in dire straights here.

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Found: grass-fed butter in ontario, canada! via /r/Paleo

Oh my…after MUCH researching and contemplating long drives over the border ($20/person dairy limit makes it so impractical), I found it here. It’s not cheap and in order to arrange delivery if you are not local, you have to place a minimum $200 order. They have grass-fed meats and tons of other products as well.

US citizens, you are so lucky you have kerrygold!

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